On July 4th the undisputed icons and world champions of windsurfing Björn Dunkerbeck & Robby Naish are about to embark on breaking a new frontier in sailing when they set out to become the fastest men on water.

As long as the sailing sport has been in existence the quest to break the wind speed barriers remained an elusive dream for many. Both Dunkerbeck and Naish together with a selected group of the sailing worlds finest will gather at three locations around the globe, waiting for just the right conditions, to challenge the world record of 46.52kts, which has now stood for 10 years.

While the current record is held by a pricy sailing vessel named Yellow Pages’ Endeavour it is by comparison the simplicity of a windsurfing board, which will position the Challengers in an event reminiscent of the battle of David vs. Goliath.

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